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Can I Make a Good Living Being a Mechanic?

Forklifts are an essential part of manufacturing and warehousing operations all over the world, making a career as a forklift auto mechanic one that offers stability along with financial rewards. Whether you’ve got a brand-new auto tech degree or are a master technician ready for a change of scenery, being a forklift technician can be a rewarding choice – especially if you value consistent work schedules and decent pay rates.

But how much money can an auto mechanic make working with forklifts? Does the average salary align with the expected job duties? With more knowledge on hand about the pros and cons of working as a forklift specialist, you can decide whether it’s right for your auto mechanic skillset and lifestyle goals.

Yes! An Auto Mechanic Can Generate Good Profits as a Forklift Technician.

The field of forklift technicians is always changing and improving, which means there are plenty of opportunities to grow in your career as an auto mechanic. As technology advances, so do the problems that need to be fixed. It’s not just about knowing how to make a machine move – it’s about problem-solving and keeping up with the evolution of technology (hint: fast).

Any auto mechanic knows that when one problem is solved, another quickly takes its place. That’s why there are always more opportunities for advancement within the profession – for those who make the effort to stay ahead of changes in automotive engineering and technology. Being an auto mechanic gives one a natural edge in servicing forklifts since one already possesses the knowledge, skills, and experience needed in the automotive industry.

Nowadays an auto mechanic could be compensated for his or her skillset in two different ways: hourly or salary.

While salary certainly has its perks, every auto mechanic knows that long hours occur more often than not. Therefore, many employers have been turning to hourly pay to offer competitive wages to their automotive technicians. According to ZipRecruiter‘s December 2022 data, the average pay for a Colorado forklift technician is $20.57 per hour. Even auto tech graduates can make more money at Welch Equipment where compensation starts at $24 hourly.

In addition, an auto technician doesn’t necessarily have to go through lengthy courses to become forklift service technicians but can combine their automotive service excellence with the new technology used in forklift machines.

The Right Team and Healthy Working Environment Will Enable Automotive Technicians to Soar

Working as an auto mechanic takes a special set of skills and proficiencies, so it can be hard to find the right team for success. Like any job market, those considering an automotive technician career should take the time to look for important factors that indicate a healthy working environment – the better the environment, the higher likelihood of succeeding as a forklift master technician, or any other automotive technician role.

When success is contingent upon working in just the right setting, auto mechanics must make sure they are aware of team culture and workplace elements which can make all the difference between a thriving career and one that stalls out.

From the inside, being a forklift mechanic is an incredibly satisfying job with someone else taking care of the paperwork. With both the practical know-how and brainpower required to do the job, it can be extremely rewarding to figure out what’s wrong with each machine and achieve success in making repairs.

There are many different aspects of being a forklift mechanic, so it is essential to find one that you are passionate about. What’s more interesting to you: battery service, repair, or scheduled maintenance? Instead of being stuck in all roles within your own business, getting hired at the right company can free you to focus on the aspects that interest you.

If you’re looking to get into the business of forklift mechanics, look no further than a reliable company. Instead of having to manage all aspects of running your own shop and own business, let the accountants handle their passion so you can focus on yours. That way, you can stick to what you know best and even add to the number of Denver master technicians. So don’t waste time setting up shop – instead, find that perfect place for you now!

Stop Looking for Automotive Technician Jobs – Welch Equipment is Hiring!

If you’re an auto mechanic who is looking for a challenging and rewarding career, consider joining Welch Equipment’s team of forklift service technicians. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow within the field, as well as room for advancement if you find the right team to work with. Welch Equipment’s Denver branch is always looking for passionate and dedicated auto technicians. If you think this could be the right career path for you, apply today!

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