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Is Becoming a Mechanic Worth It in 2023?

Tired of the paperwork that comes with running your own shop? Utilize the same technology for an increase in average salary by joining the forklift service team at Welch Equipment Company in Denver!

Are you looking for a fulfilling job in 2023 that offers great rewards? Do you like the idea of working with your hands, troubleshooting, and fixing machinery? If so, then becoming a forklift mechanic could be worth considering. With the rapid changes in today’s economy, there is an ever-increasing demand for specialized auto mechanics – especially those who work on and maintain forklifts.

Trading in the Modern Cars Auto Industry for Forklifts

2023 may be the perfect time to consider a career as a forklift technician. As the world of technology continues to evolve and expand rapidly, so does the need for skilled automotive technicians to service and maintain materials handling systems.

With the introduction of new regulations regarding workplace safety, more emphasis is being placed on equipment maintenance and proper handling techniques. Forklift service technicians are responsible for ensuring that all equipment is operated safely and efficiently, thus helping to protect companies from costly legal liabilities.

Job Requirements for the Aspiring or Experienced Automotive Technician

Auto mechanics who are looking for entry into this sect of the auto industry have several educational pathways available.

There are numerous opportunities to understand the basics of forklift maintenance and repair work, from attending a college degree or technical school certificate to on-the-job training and online courses.

Beyond these entry-level automotive technician requirements, there are also advanced coursework offerings that teach more complex operations, such as troubleshooting electrical repairs and pedestrian detection systems.

A Day in the Life of an Auto Mechanic Working on Forklifts

As a forklift automotive technician, you can expect to work on a wide range of machines every day. Electric-powered forklift upkeep, large-scale diesel engine repair, and everything in between need to be regularly serviced and repaired.

To provide automotive service excellence, will be responsible for ensuring that all components are in proper working order, from checking fluids and inspecting parts to troubleshooting and replacing any necessary items. Experienced auto mechanics know that the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems quickly is the most significant factor in customer downtime.

Just like at an automotive repair shop, you may need to provide emergency repairs or replace broken parts unexpectedly and on-site. Additionally, forklift service technicians will complete safety checks before each shift and ensure preventative maintenance services are carried out regularly on each machine.

As such, it is important that you have an understanding of the importance of safety protocols when it comes to these machines. This job comes with great responsibility as well as immense job satisfaction when seeing the success of your work!

Auto Mechanics Are Primed for the Position of Forklift Technician

Automotive technicians are highly skilled and have a great set of relevant skills that make them ideal candidates for transitioning to the role of forklift technician. Many of the same physical and mental demands placed on an automotive technician are also found in a forklift technician. Some of these joint job roles include:

  • Accurately Diagnose Mechanical Issues
  • Troubleshooting Complex Problems
  • Using Technical Tools and Equipment Safely
  • Following Detailed Instructions
  • Working With Attention to Detail

Automotive technicians also need to be organized and efficient when it comes to following protocols established by manufacturers. With the right training and experience in forklift maintenance and repair procedures, any auto mechanic can easily transition into this increasingly-important role.

Any Job in Automotive Repair Is Only as Good as the Environment Around You

Becoming a forklift technician in 2023 could be an enriching experience. As the industry grows and technology advances, new opportunities will arise for master technicians specialized in material handling machinery. With the right training and experience, you can expect to work with some of the top companies in the world and earn competitive wages as you gain more expertise.

After the pandemic, appreciation for essential workers has grown immensely.

With the right company, you can expect industry-leading compensation, strong job security, and excellent benefits packages that include healthcare coverage, life insurance, 401Ks, and more.

You will also have access to continuing education programs designed to keep your technical and customer service skills sharp and up-to-date.

Finally, you can look forward to working in environments that promote a healthy work/life balance while still offering challenging opportunities for personal growth and development.

Jumpstart Your 2023 on a Good Career Path With Welch

Welch Equipment Company in Denver is a great place to jumpstart your career as a forklift service technician. With their well-established customer base, top-notch training resources and tool allowance, and comprehensive benefits package, there’s no excuse not to check out the opportunities waiting for you.

Take charge of your career today and find out more about what Welch can offer you. Don’t be afraid of change: run toward it! Read more here to learn how to land a position as a forklift service technician with Welch and make an impact in the auto mechanic industry.

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