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What Are the Risks of Being a Mechanic?

Working in the automotive industry is much more than simply changing tires. A novice auto mechanic at Welch Equipment Company starts at $25 an hour as a forklift technician. How much could you make? Apply to see!

Are you considering a career as an auto mechanic? Being an auto mechanic is one of the oldest professions and can be incredibly rewarding, personally and financially. But before taking the plunge into this exciting—and demanding—field, it’s important to understand the risks and realities that come with working in the motor repair industry.

Uncovering the Risks and Reality of Working as an Auto Mechanic

From unpredictable workloads to specialized training requirements and constantly changing technology, the prospective auto mechanic should understand what they’re getting into. In this blog post, we will explore some of these potential issues so that prospective mechanics in Denver can choose the right repair shop for them.

Auto Mechanics Face the Risk of Injury

Auto mechanics are expected to work with dangerous and heavy materials to maintain vehicles for the safety of others. While this job is important, the nature of the job does put technicians at risk of physical injury.

Auto mechanics may find themselves lifting large pieces of metal or other materials, which can cause back injuries if not done properly. Additionally, they often use sharp power tools and equipment, which can lead to cuts and lacerations if not handled with care.

Automotive mechanics can learn a lot about the auto shop they are considering for employment by looking into what type of insurance coverage they offer for their employees and their work.

Confined, Tight Spaces

Much of the physical labor involved at auto repair shops is done under or inside a vehicle. The cramped environment can make it difficult to move around and maneuver tools safely, resulting in slips, trips, falls, and other accidents that could lead to serious injury.

Poor ventilation and lack of fresh air also pose a danger as automotive technicians often work in areas where gas engine fumes may accumulate to dangerous levels. In addition to the direct physical risks posed by working in confined spaces, there is also the risk of stress and exhaustion due to focusing on their technical skills in such uncomfortable conditions for long periods of time.

Working in an Auto Shop Exposes You to Chemical Hazards

Whether working on custom cars or material-handling forklifts, an auto mechanic is exposed to hazardous chemicals on a regular basis that can cause health risks if not handled safely. These automotive chemicals include vehicle fluids such as fuel and oil, which have the potential to cause serious harm if they come into contact with skin or if inhaled.

It is important for each automotive mechanic to take extra precautions when working with these dangerous chemicals, such as wearing protective clothing and using safety equipment designed specifically for handling hazardous materials. Additionally, it is essential that forklifts and auto mechanics alike understand the signs and symptoms associated with exposure to these materials so they can identify them early on and take appropriate action.

The most common sign of exposure to dangerous chemicals is irritation of the nose and throat, coughing, difficulty breathing, and burning or itching sensations. Other signs can include nausea, dizziness, headaches, confusion or disorientation, and even loss of consciousness in extreme cases. If any of these symptoms are present after working with chemical hazards, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

Risk of Electrical Shock

Electrical components are essential for vehicles, especially in warehouses, factories, and other environments requiring heavy lifting and precise maneuvering. These machines can be beneficial but also present a potential risk of electrical shock if an automotive technician is not called to perform maintenance routinely. The most important factor when working with electric forklifts is understanding the risks associated with them, particularly the risk of electrocution due to their high-voltage components and wiring.

The electric motor and drivetrain in an electric forklift are powered by high-voltage batteries, which means they carry a significant current that can cause serious injury or death if someone comes into contact with it. In addition, there are exposed wires inside the machine must be handled carefully to avoid accidental electrocution. Many companies are seeing the danger of letting a machine go unchecked for a long time, now hiring auto mechanics to perform maintenance checks and inspections regularly as an industry standard.

Skip the Auto Repair Shop Hunt and Be Your Own Boss at Welch Equipment Company

In conclusion, it’s critical to be aware of the risks associated with being an auto mechanic. Protect yourself by wearing safety equipment and staying up-to-date on guidelines for toxic.

If you take your safety seriously, consider applying for a forklift technician job with Welch! They offer valuable training tailored to your specific line of work and provide a tool allowance to ensure old tools do not add to your risks. Apply online today to get started at an automotive shop that takes your safety as an auto mechanic seriously.

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